Parent Feedback

“Thank you so much for putting the fathers day breakfast on, its such a lovely idea and I’ve never heard of another nursery doing this- you really go the extra mile and give the nursery a real community feel.”

Rory’s Mum 16/06/2017

“Its got a lovely friendly atmosphere, the staff seem lovely and the children are very happy and friendly.” 

Alyssa’s Mum 14/03/2017

“I am very pleased with her progress and the care she receives at Larchfield.”

Charlottes Mum 22/12/2016

“I like the way everyone says good morning to Ashley when he arrives at Nursery (I just need to work on getting him to respond!!!)

His named peg to put his bag & coat on help him feel independent and give him a sense of belonging at Nursery.  He also has his named draw with his slippers in which he changes into on arrival, this again enforces those areas of confidence.

Behaviour wise Ashley is supported in stopping a bad habit (sucking his finger) and I know this is helping at home too as he tells me “look Mummy, I’m not sucking my finger, Jane will be so pleased with me” (Jane is Ashley’s key worker).

All in all, my husband and I are very happy with the environment Nursery creates to help build his development in many aspects.”

Ashley’s Mum 26/9/16


Since starting at Larchfield we feel our son has developed in so many ways. He is extremely happy and settled there thanks to the care and attention paid to him by all members of staff. He is now very familiar with how the day starts at nursery – self registering, swapping shoes and hanging his bag on his peg. I know he also enjoys the structure of washing his hands before snack and meal times and singing the tidy up song.



Jessica  Henry’s mum 28/09/16


Allegra absolutely loves nursery and gets her backpack out every morning including weekends! She goes to bed singing about nursery and is always very happy here. She often comes home in her spare set of clothes and covered in paint!

Allegra’s mum and dad 4/6/16

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